Gabe Morales
IM5 - Gabe
Full name

Gabriel Morales


June 22, 1995


Miami, Florida, U.S.A.




Alex Moore

Gabriel "Gabe" Morales is the oldest member of IM5, and along with Cole Pendery and Dana Vaughns, is one of the only remaining members of the group.

About GabeEdit

¡Yo! ¿Qué pasa? Es Gabriel Morales. Tengo 20 años. Nací y creci en Miami, Floria. Soja Cubano y Venezolano! Un bailo poco, cantar Un poco, y poco ACTUAR ONU, Pero No Vamos a Hablar de ES

Some fun facts about me are:

My fave color is yellow. My fave clothing store is Joy Rich. I have no middle name! My fave restaurant is Umami Burger. (It might only be on the west coast!) My fave artist is Chris Brown. I don’t like scary movies…they’re scary. My fave movie is The Perfect Game! (look it up, lol) My fave boyband is IM5...they’re pretty awesome. I’m a Mac, not a PC! My fave video game is anything Batman or COD. I’m a werewolf. My fave superhero is Batman! My fave TV show is How I Met Your Mother. It’s legen-…wait for it…-dary! Oh, and I’m Gucci.

And, last but not least, IM5. My dreams for our group are out of this world and I absolutely see myself on stage with them in the near future venturing out on worldwide tours, meeting our amazing fans, and influencing people our age around the world to pursue their dreams and persevere. He loves batman

Well, that was interesting.

The End.

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